Call 206-338-7490 for Babysitter Tutor -

$8 per Hour or $25 for 4Hours Package     Ms. Babysitter Lady


Call 206-338-7490 for Babysitter Tutor - $8Hour


Call 206-338-7490 for Babysitter Tutor - $8Hour - Leave Voicemail Rates Per Income

Babysitter /Child Care(In Your Home)$8 per hour (or) LOW (Flat) Rates ((Metropolitan Atlanta - I'll Come to You)

1st Time
½ Price because I know I would NEVER want to leave my child with someone that I do not know. (Call it, a Trail Period.) Payment is prorated Up Front-in Your favor!

Want to have Date Night? $27 per night for each of the following (up to 4 hours AFTER 6:15PM)
1. Need to Study at the Coffee House or Library?
2. Mommy's -- Girls Night Out
3. Daddy -- Boy's Night Out
4. Do you need to go to the gym?
5. Do you need (
Time Away) to start your own business? I can also give mommy or daddy pointers on starting an online business.

• Children tend to gravitate toward me.
• Quality Service, I only accept 3 children per night, age appropriate mix, hence the rate reflects that quality.
• Definitely a NON-smoker
• You will have access to my cell.
• We reserve the right to refuse service, due to first come, first serve and due to safety issues.
• Rates are per night NOT per child, three child maximum.
• I can cook, wash dishes, clothes, within reason,
per your instructions! (Within reason means that if you have SMALL children, keeping an eye on them is FIRST priority, and NOT an eye on dishes or cooking. Your child's safety comes first.)
• I reside in Smyrna.
• To keep things simple, you sign a waiver saying, I am not responsible for any unnatural occurrences, only for the safety and comfort of your child/children.
• My Qualifications: I was a 3 year old, pre-school teacher, on Bankhead Hwy, for two years, in my past. Degree in Computer Science, Minor in Psychology.
• Babysitting provided IN (
your) home while you go to work, out on a date or read/study or do your computer work, BUILDING your Own Business to get Rich.
• I do NOT have children.
• I do NOT have a car at the moment. I'll have to reach your location via MARTA or via Taxi. I will be driving soon. I do have a very valid drivers license. I do rent cars when necessary. (This is a critical element in MY own opinion, for children emergencies, therefore
full disclosure!
• My age 44.
• I am a writer by day.
My availability is after 2pm, daily.
• I believe in Total Honesty.
• I am a Teacher by Nature if the babysitting is prior to your child's bedtime.
• I can help the little ones with their homework, I majored in Computer Science and if mommy/daddy or child/children need
help with the computer; that can be arranged.
• Ages newborn to 9
years old accepted.
• $8 per hour for up to 3 hours or the hours after the 4th hour. Explained differently: $25 for a four hour session
or $8 per hour if LESS than 4 hours and $8 per hour PAST the 4 hour mark, 15 minutes over constitutes 1 hour.
• Payments will be made
either in cash or via Paypal due at the beginning of the night. (Rates are negotiable per Situation.) Weekly and Monthly Rates (We can work with you!) Much lower than calculating via daily.
• First come/First Serve
• Call Me at 206-338-7490. I will need a 24 hour notice
for the FIRST time, and a 2-6 hour notice for the 2nd time I baby-sit and beyond. Children tend to trust me and stare at me. . .I do not know why, but this is everywhere that I go.

Additional Services: Reading Tutoring & Homework Assistance $50 for a 2hour Session! Ages 4-9 (1/2 Price Discount Code READ exclusively for those that are babysitting clients. (Metropolitan Atlanta, GA ONLY)

Homework Tutor: $5 additional dollars per hour WHILE babysitting or for children

VIRTUAL Homework Tutor: $15 per hour tutor done virtually over the computer.

Location: (Metropolitan Atlanta - I'll Come to You)



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